EZ 003 Underglaze semi-transparent matte Duncan

8.38 USD السعر شامل الضريبه


It has a clear translucent quality, even when one color is applied over another. They should not be used to cover solid colors, but for design work, depiction of simulated Chinese painting techniques, embossed effects or any other technique where shaded or two-tone effect is required.

EZ Strokes are also the preferred medium for underglaze colors to outline and details, including eyes, personalize with names and dates, and highlight design work. EZ Strokes transparent colors are often used under coating.

Duncan's translucent undercoat is ideal for brushwork, brush strokes, and vintage effects, helping you create the look of watercolor or detailed shading on greenery or biscuits. Shooting range from 06 to cone 6. Intense hue and precision are Duncan?s trademarks. EZ stroke? Transparent under glaze.

EZ Stroke Translucent Underglazes is a non-toxic, single-layer coating and glaze that can be applied to dinnerware and/or biscuit cone 04.

Oven Required: Yes

Porcelain burn rate on cone: 06 to 6

Finish: translucent

Coverage: one layer

FOOD SAFE: No, but when covered with a non-toxic, food-safe glaze

Non-toxic: Yes

how to use:

  • Apply one layer of clear designs to 04 unburned cookies, unburned pans, low heat cookies, or unburned glassware.
  • For rich depth and shade, apply additional thin layers.
  • Burn on the cone shelf 04.
  • Apply clear clear lacquer, or other suitable glaze, and install and burn to cone rack 06.
  • Clean it with water.

  • 8.38 USD

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