9 USD السعر شامل الضريبه

Coat- The opaque undercoat lid is made for both unburnt pots and provides opaque color coverage, even when polished over another color.

The covering layer is a non-toxic clay and an opaque water-based undercoat. These opaque colors are used when solid color coverage areas are required. When one color is applied correctly over the other, the second color will completely block the first. The coating layers are applied directly to the unburned clay or biscuit cone 04 and then fired to see cone 04. The color actually becomes part of the ceramic piece. A paint finish is required to seal the porous surface and brighten the colors under the paint, although burnt colors can be left unglazed for decorating effects such as a terra-cotta look or glossy Cover-Coat. For most covering layers, any clear or semi-opaque glaze can be used. Cover-Coat will have a more pastel quality when non-flammable sealants or matte glazes are applied compared to glossy paints.

how to use:

  • Apply 3 layers to unheated pans, soft biscuits or cone 04.
  • Burn on shelf cone 04 for permanent adhesion to utensil coating.
  • Apply a glaze of your choice if desired and sear on cone rack 06.
  • Clean with water.

  • 9 USD

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