4OZ IN 1001 Clear Fries Duncan

12.11 USD السعر شامل الضريبه

The clear brush coat paint creates a clear, glossy, waterproof barrier over your piece of art! It is a simple process to protect pottery. Simply brush paint over clean, dry biscuits.

The art piece burns the first bread in the oven designated according to the appropriate clay temperature, then the piece is taken out and cleaned of any dirt or dust and placed from transparent paint from one to two layers using a clean soft brush, then the piece is placed in the designated oven and baked again at cone 06 temperature ( 999C).

*Do not use this paint using a color spray machine

* Do not use this paint on clay pieces before the first baking

This paint is non-toxic and food safe! Duncan Clear Glass Coating preserves and enhances your work surface. Functionally, clear glaze forms a sealing barrier that protects against liquids, dirt, and corrosion. Aesthetically, our clear glazes provide luster over a stained glass trim.

  • 12.11 USD
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