Exchange and Return Policy

Return and exchange

1. To benefit from the return, exchange and warranty services, you must bring the original invoice.

2. Return and replacement include all items except for (electrical appliances, prepaid cards and maintenance fees) unless there is a manufacturing defect in the item.

3. The item must be in the same condition when purchased and in the original packaging.

4. 3 days return and 7 days exchange from the date of purchase.

5. The promotional offer associated with the returned item can be returned if it is in its original condition, or the value of the promotional offer will be deducted.

6. Purchases paid with vouchers, credit cards, or through the purchase installment service cannot be returned for cash.

7. Returning collection amounts to other companies is subject to the terms and conditions of the service provider. The customer must bring the payment receipt with the invoice in order to be able to return the amount if the terms and conditions of the service provider allow.

(The following terms are added for website purchases)

8. Receipt of the shipment from the shipping company is an acknowledgment from the customer that the shipment (carton) is in good condition and has not been opened before receipt.

9. The return and exchange period is calculated from the date of receipt, and the sealed purchase invoice that arrived with the shipment must be brought.

10. In the event of exchange or return, please contact us on the unified number for your service and a representative of the shipping company will attend to receive the order.

11. If the order is canceled without receiving it from the customer and it has been shipped, the shipping value and 50 riyals will be deducted.

Immediate replacement for defective devices

• Hobbies World shall replace the device with a manufacturing defect within 3 days from the date of purchase, provided that:

1. The device should be free from any scratches or misuse.

2. Bring the original box with all accessories and manuals inside.

3. A report from the authorized maintenance agent may be required before the replacement process.

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