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1.24 USD السعر شامل الضريبه

Product Description:

  • Ceramic Foam (Diameter: 2.56"/6.5cm; Thickness: 1.0"/2.54cm) Best quality clay sponge for painting, face painting, watercolor, crafts, pottery, and clay.
  • The art foam is made of synthetic materials, round shape with a soft and streamlined feel that helps the clay finish smoothly, is gentle on faces for face painting, and well absorbent.
  • Tip - Synthetic foam is compressed to save space, and will expand by rinsing with warm water or exposure to air after emptying the package.
  • For Kids - The synthetic foam uses high quality latex-free materials. It is very suitable for children to use.
  • Art Sponge Use with acrylics, oils, watercolors, fabric paints and dyes, you can create decorative finishes, sponge paint effects, drip and smudge. You can also use it to clean your workspace and wash dishes.
  • Sponge pestle to distribute the color on the plate or to wipe the clay piece.

  • 1.24 USD
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