Wooden board with frame for plastic art - 11 cm

3.11 USD السعر شامل الضريبه

Product Description:

  • Product contains: Round wood board, enough for your craft projects needs.
  • Dimensions: The round wooden block is 11cm with both sides blank.
  • Material Quality: Made of poplar plywood, smooth and sturdy surface, perfect for painting, staining and adding pictures. High quality material that does not break easily. Very smooth surface, no pungent odor, environmentally friendly.
  • No Burr: This well-designed round wooden board has a straight angle. The chip is laser cut without burrs, which is safe and easy to color.
  • Wide application: This craft wood can be applied in
  • art lessons
  • Knit Wall Tile Decor
  • wood burning craft
  • wedding holiday ornaments
  • Ceremony
  • Home decoration
  • photo frame
  • DIY ornaments supplies or more
  • These thin wood panels work well in almost all woodworking and craft activities, such as model making, blanking, burning, drawing, painting, wood carving and so on. Let your creativity unlimited.
  • Coastal themed wooden signs are a good example of how creative one can get with simple supplies. To make these designs look extra pretty, a few supplies are needed including dye in multiple colors, beach-themed stencils, white chalk paint, foam and of course wooden markers that you can make yourself from scratch.
  • It is fun for both children and adults.
  • Also a great gift for your friends and lovers.

  • 3.11 USD

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