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A hydrometer is a useful tool to help achieve the proper thickness of the vitrification and liquid slurry by comparing a mass of a liquid substance to an equal mass of water. To use, place the condenser in a glass or liquid slurry container where it will float like a float, and the meter can be read. Its length is 11.5 inches. Specifications: (Baume 0-70) and (Specific Gravity 1.000-2.000) for heavy fluids. The glaze should be of the right density and thickness because if it's too thick or thin, it can cause problems when applying to a cookie or when burning. For examination of vitrification, a hydrometer that measures specific gravity in the range of 1,000-2,000 appears to be the best choice. Temperature is also a variable in the measurement of specific gravity and most hydrometers will tell you what temperature they are calibrated for. Each glaze is different and may require a unique density. The application technique you decide to use can also help you determine the density of the glaze. Color Dip: Whole Milk - 1.611 (55 Baume) Net Dip: Half and Half - 1.465-1.48 (46-47 Baume) Spray: Heavy Cream - 1.706 (60 Baume) Brushing: Slightly Thicker than Cream - 1.813 (65 Baume) We Recommend That the dip glazes have a specific gravity between 1.50 and 1.70, the brush glazes in the range of 1.45 to 1.60 and the casting slurry between 1.72-1.80. Frits generally have a specific gravity of about 1.45

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